Our History

Solid past, innovative present, unstoppable future.

Over five decades, our company has written a history of strength, innovation and steady growth. From our beginnings to becoming a benchmark in our industry, every step has been guided by a passion for excellence and a commitment to quality.


Years of experience in the sector.


Million paper bags produced at year.


Years of experience

Quality and customer focus

“Jesús Gil Escoin S.A. is a family company founded in 1958 by Jesús Gil Escoin. It has always been -and is currently- owned by the founder’s family. With a long tradition in paper packaging and machinery manufacturing, it has been producing sacks and machines since its creation, and bags since 1994.”

That's how it all began

The company was born as a result of the need of certain manufacturers to pack their products with paper bags, which were previously made with materials such as jute.

The headquarters in Zaragoza was originally a workshop and machinery factory, but later became a bag factory, due to the adaptation to the market and customer needs.

Growth and consolidation

Over the years, Gil Escoin became a benchmark in Europe, acquiring a great deal of knowledge in the sack and bag manufacturing process, as well as in machine configuration, maintenance and the production process from a global perspective.

We have now opened up the market to retail products, expanding our production options. As the company is the largest producer of industrial bags in the Iberian Peninsula, the accumulated experience and production capacity allow us to be very competitive in the retail sector.

Looking ahead

The company’s quality standards require constant innovation and investment in new technologies, which has made the company a market leader in Spain and Europe, where more than 25% of total production is exported.

Integrated production and services

Gil Escoin is involved in the entire production chain, from the original idea to the final delivery to the plant, passing through all stages: design, manufacturing of printing plates, printing and configuration of the bag or pouch.

Benefit in the final product

Direct contact between manufacturer and customer.