Circular Economy in Kraft Paper Sacks

Spain is at the forefront of the circular economy with the creation of a new European alliance to promote sustainability in the construction sector.

This partnership, mainly funded by Eurosac and CEPI Eurokraft, is evidence of a joint effort to achieve a tangible impact along the value chain.

Although paper sacks used in construction have a high recycling potential, most are not recycled due to misperceptions about their complexity, residual contamination and lack of adequate infrastructure for waste separation and collection at production and construction sites.

This is why the common interest of the cluster is based on achieving full circularity in the recycling of paper sacks and other materials used in the construction sector.

Paper sacks for the construction industry amount to 29,000 tonnes per year compared to 63,000 tonnes for the total Spanish market.

This newly formed alliance seeks to achieve a sustainable balance between the environmental and economic aspects of waste materials generated by the construction industry.

With responsible management and the implementation of a rigorous traceability system, the partnership aims to ensure optimal recovery processes, with a focus on transparency and efficiency at all stages. This initiative, which originated in Spain, is expected to have a positive impact on the sector’s business model.

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