Animal food

Open mouth sacks for animal food

Our open mouth sack not only meets practical packaging needs, but also reflects an unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability and freshness of food whether for farm animals or pets.

The robust construction of the sack coupled with printing in up to eight colours and the use of high quality smoothed paper, coated paper, etc. ensures a flawless presentation that helps to emphasise the quality of your brand.

Strength and durability are outstanding features of this product, guaranteeing full protection of animal feed during storage and transport. It preserves the freshness and quality of fodder, feed and other supplements thanks to this type of packaging.



The features of this type of bag are adapted to the packaging of a wide range of animal feed products and guarantee the preservation of the stored product.

Smart design

Thanks to our extensive catalogue you can choose the format that best suits your business model. You can choose the size of the sack, mouth with or without die cut.


By choosing our bag as an option you make a positive contribution to the environment, as we use paper from FSC responsibly managed forests.

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