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Industrial bags for BBQ products

Our paper bag for bbq products is distinguished by its exceptional durability, created to withstand the demands of transporting and storing barbecue products.

Its resistant construction ensures that charcoal and briquettes arrives in perfect condition at the manufacturer, ready to unleash its heat and flavour potential at every barbecue. In addition, its versatile format fits not only charcoal, but also a variety of grill-related products, such as briquettes, aromatic chips or fire starters.



Each bag has been meticulously designed to handle loads of 12kg or more with ease. The reinforced handles allow for efficient and comfortable transport, while the structure of the bag ensures the stability of the stored materials.

Adaptable design

Easily identify your range of bbq products thanks to its customisable design. We adapt to your needs.


By choosing our packaging solutions for bbq products industry, you join us in our commitment to the environment. We are committed to using paper from responsibly managed forests by FSC.

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