Industrial Packaging

At Gil Escoin, the production of industrial bags is aimed at the packaging market for animal and human food, minerals, mortars and barbecue products.


Shopping Bags

We design customized solutions for your business producing the bags that best suit your needs with flat and curly handles, in a wide variety of designs and sizes.

Cross bottom Sacks

Multiple possibilities depending on each product and each customer.

Valve Sacks

This type of bag has a filling valve at one of its upper ends and is suitable for high speed or manual filling.

Why choose us?

We are the largest producer of industrial paper bags in the Iberian Peninsula. Our experience and production capacity allow us to be very competitive in our sector. We serve directly to the client, without commercial intermediaries, benefiting you in the final price of the product.

Discover our catalog

Gil Escoin’s production of bags and sacks is aimed at the industrial packaging market (human and animal food, mineral or construction), retail and take away. We can produce them with different types of handles, spouts and valves, in a wide variety of designs and sizes.

  • The paper used in the manufacture of the bags is from first class producers. We adapt the raw material to the needs of the product and the customer.
  • White, smoothed, coated and barrier papers are available, with or without greaseproofing, as well as kraft paper, long fibre paper with high strength, or other recycled materials.
  • We offer an extensive catalogue of production possibilities based on our experience, including a wide variety of sizes, formats, solutions, valve models and paper compositions.